Hi, my name is Markus Rick.

I am a 30 year old fellow. I was born on March 21st 1973 in Germany as the third kid out of four.

After kindergarten, elementary school and highschool, I joined the German military for a year. This is actually a requirement in Germany, but I liked it anyway.
Then, after that, I went to veterinary school in Hannover Germany where I graduated in 2000. I always wanted to be a vet, I guess my favorite uncle is the reason for that.
After working for almost two years in a small animal clinic in Wassenberg, Kreis Heinsberg, Germany, I applied for a position at a veterinary endocrinology laboratory at Michigan State University (MSU). MSU is located in East Lansing which is in the United States of America. By the way, endocrinology deals with hormones.
I was planning on staying for no longer than two years. Even if Lansing isn't the most likeable place on earth, I am still here…
Things kind of worked out for me so that they offered me to work on my PhD at MSU. And I found the love of my life here in Lansing, so it is not bad that I can stay.

But I am not all about working, studying and career.
I really have a lot of hobbies.
I like to travel, I like cars, riding my motorcycle, partying, outdoor's stuff, cinemas, hiking, hanging out with friends, hunting, beer and good wine and good gin & tonic, concerts...you name it!

That's it for now...I just started working on this page. But keep on checking, I am sure that I am going to add on more information about my family, friends, likes and dislikes, and of course about myself soon!
What else do you need to know? Probably some technical data...

5'11'' (179cm)
blue eyes
blond short hair
145lbs (65kg)
nice smile J

Take care for now and
"Welcome @ www.markusrick.com !"